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Coinbase SMA opens first actively managed strategy for investors: Hilbert Bitcoin Momentum

New strategy is designed to outperform Bitcoin

Hilbert Capital has been selected by Coinbase Asset Management to provide quantitative trading solutions for its global institutional and private wealth client base. On 1st January 2024, Hilbert Bitcoin Momentum Strategy was activated on Coinbase SMA, the firm’s separate managed account platform.

The Hilbert BTC Momentum Strategy (the ‘Strategy’) combines the benefits of Coinbase SMA (i.e. security, transparency, efficiency) with Hilbert’s applied quantitative research and alpha generation.

The Strategy is designed to systematically capture Bitcoin upside and reduce drawdowns. It was launched with Hilbert proprietary capital following a period of research, development and testing. In its 3-year testing period, the Strategy outperformed Bitcoin by over 750%.

The Strategy has been developed by Hilbert Senior Quantitative Strategist, Dr. Thierry Pudet. Dr. Pudet was previously Chief Risk Officer at Citadel Europe and had senior quantitative roles at Goldman Sachs and Salomon Brothers, and has a PhD in Computer Science.

Richard Murray, Chief Executive Officer of Hilbert Capital: “Hilbert Bitcoin Momentum Strategy is for investors who already want Bitcoin exposure in 2024 but prefer the idea of active downside risk management coded in.”

Hilbert is in its seventh year of applied quantitative research and trading with a focus on developing and executing investment strategies which are coherent, repeatable and adaptable across markets and trading instruments.

For further information, please contact:
Niclas Sandström, CEO Hilbert Group
+46 8 502 353 00

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