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Hilbert Capital, the quantitative asset manager, releases 2023 trading results for its funds

In 2023, Hilbert Capital, in its seventh of year of applied quantitative research and risk management in crypto-currency markets, generated returns in line with the investment mandates of each of its products.

The 2023 full-year, net-of-fees returns for Hilbert's three hedge fund strategies were:

• Hilbert V100 Fund: +92.7%

• Hilbert V30 Fund: +29.9%

• Hilbert V1 Fund: +8.7%

Hilbert Group CEO, Dr. Niclas Sandstrom: "In early 2022, we took Hilbert's core long-only quantitative strategies – which we love because they are coherent, repeatable and scalable – and used them as the foundation to develop full long-short trading with the ability to target specific outcomes for our investors, such as mitigated drawdown profiles or zero correlation with the market."

Hilbert's three hedge fund strategies share the same DNA while achieving differentiated risk-, return- and correlation profiles:

• Hilbert V100 Fund: long-only, fully in risk at all times, and unlevered. Objective: outsized returns across the cycle.

• Hilbert V30 Fund: long-short with long-bias. Objective: capture market upside returns versus a fraction of the cryptocurrency market downside.

• Hilbert V1 Fund: long-short, market neutral. Objective: generate pure trading alpha which is uncorrelated to other markets.

Hilbert Capital CEO, Richard Murray: "We have maintained our disciplined focus on Hilbert's core strengths – applied quant research, algo programming and risk management, and used that to develop a broader set of investment solutions for institutional investors. 2023 was Hilbert's first year with the three related solutions available to external clients and 13 institutions have approved one or multiple of our funds for investment. We are pleased with the results as we continue to execute on our plan."

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