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Hilbert Group launches new systematic crypto fund with focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum

Hilbert Group AB (NASDAQ FN: HILB B), the Nasdaq First North listed investment firm focusing on digital assets and blockchain technology, has now launched the envisaged Hilbert Syrius Bit+ Fund (“HSBF” or the “Fund”), a systematic quant-driven crypto fund.

HSBF is launched as a joint venture with strategic advisory firm Oracle Strategies Limited under a newly formed Cayman-based investment manager named Hilbert Syrius Asset Management Ltd. Both the fund and the investment manager will be regulated by CIMA.

“The objective of HSBF is to outperform Bitcoin on a long term, risk-adjusted, basis. In order to attract institutional investors, HSBF will focus mainly on liquid, large-cap cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, with only a very limited exposure to a few top Altcoins. The core strategy is powered by Oracle Strategies’ AI-based algorithms that adjust the risk-exposure according to the inherent cycles within cryptocurrencies”, says Niclas Sandstrom, CEO of Hilbert Group. “The purpose of this fund launch is threefold – firstly, it broadens our fund offering with a product that is lower risk than Hilbert Digital Asset Fund. Secondly, it further expands Hilbert Group’s footprint in Asia and our capacity to attract both professional and institutional investors there. And thirdly, it adds another important building block in our strategic partnership with Oracle Strategies Limited, a quantitative research firms in the hedge fund space.

“The launch of HSBF is the first in a planned series of joint fund launches and we look forward to working closely together with Hilbert Group on these. Oracle Strategies Limited have years of experience in developing bespoke trading algorithms in both cryptocurrencies and equities in order to help hedge funds outperform. We see many synergies with Hilbert Group’s institutional crypto funds platform. Their expertise in crypto fund management in combination with being a public company will be of great help expanding the franchise for both parties going forward”, says Joseph Jeong of Oracle Strategies Limited.

About Oracle Strategies Limited
Oracle Strategies is a private quantitative research firm that specializes in building AI-based algorithmic strategies for the hedge fund- and crypto communities. Since 2015, Oracle strategies have developed many robo-trading strategies for global equities, futures and cryptocurrency markets. Oracle Strategies’ algorithms have powered winning hedge fund strategies and have helped funds significantly outperform the markets over time.

For further information, please contact:
Niclas Sandström, CEO Hilbert Group
+46 (0)8 502 353 00

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