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Hilbert Group’s Annual Report for 2023 has been published in Swedish and English

The Annual Report can be downloaded from Hilbert Group’s website:

In conjunction with this, Hilbert Group informs about the following changes in the Annual Report for 2023, compared to the Year-end Report 2023 published February 28, 2024:

  • An additional impairment charge for intangible assets related to Coin360, following a change in valuation methodology applied, has been recorded in Consolidated Profit/loss for the year in the amount of -3,795.5 kSEK, affecting Operating profit/loss (EBIT) and Profit/loss for the year by the same amount. The consequential change in carrying amount of Intangible Assets is -3,591.2 kSEK.
  • Financial net amounts to -5,944.4 kSEK, which is a decrease of -366.1 kSEK, related to currency revaluation effects on Leasing liabilities. Profit/loss for the year is affected by ‑366.1 kSEK.
  • A change has been made to the Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income to reflect a further write-down of the fair value of Hilbert Group’s equity investment in Hayvn. The effect is a decrease in fair value amounting by -9,020.9 kSEK reported in Other Comprehensive Income and a consequential decrease of the Consolidated Balance Sheet carrying amount for financial assets by -8,535.4 kSEK after currency translation effects. After the reassessment, made in order to remove any judgement and estimates in the valuation until further information emerges, the carrying amount of the investment in Hayvn is nil.
  • Total effect of the changes is -13,093.0 on Consolidated Equity, totaling 33,472.7 kSEK, of which 21,689.2 kSEK attributable to Parent company shareholders. The equity/assets ratio following the changes is 50%.
  • Earnings per share (before and after dilution) attributable to Parent company shareholders is -0.83 SEK following the changes.
  • The changes have no effect on Net Cash used in Operating Activities.

For further information, please contact:
Niclas Sandström, CEO Hilbert Group
+46 8 502 353 00

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