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HDAF Hilbert Digital Asset Fund

Hilbert Digital Asset Fund, or D1, provides exposure to the structural growth of the crypto-currency markets while at the same time takes advantage of price volatility through algorithmic trading.

The fund’s proprietary algorithmic strategy called “Caerus” is programmed to capture three things:

  1. Structural appreciation of digital assets. 
  2. Outsized returns from sizeable exposure to liquid altcoins. 
  3. Uncorrelated returns through volatility harvesting. These factors are calibrated to emphasise the relative contribution of directionality and volatility earnings. 

The strategy was implemented in 2017 and has an auditable track record. The fund relies on industry leading institutional grade service providers for its secure and compliant operation.

To learn more about HDAF/D1’s capacity, set-up, and philosophy please contact us.

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