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Hilbert V1 Fund

V1 provides the benefits of a crypto-currency market-neutral strategy (i.e. absolute returns with low delta, low volatility, low drawdowns) in a way which is repeatable and scalable.

V1 uses Hilbert’s proprietary Caerus algorithm which has been in continuous operation since 2017 and has a 5-year audited track record. It is programmed to deliver the following investment objectives: 

  1. Both annualised volatility and maximum drawdowns in the range of 10-12%;
  2. Within that volatility framework, deliver annualised returns in the range of 20-25%;
  3. Sharpe Ratio >2.

The fund relies on industry leading institutional grade service providers for its secure and compliant operation.

To learn more about V1’s capacity, set-up, and philosophy please contact us.

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