Hilbert Group has four verticals, learn more about why these make us unique.

Asset Management

Hilbert Group adopts a rigorous quantitative approach to the management of digital assets. All our fund products are managed using institutional-grade platforms and service providers. The investment team at Hilbert Group has been managing digital assets since early 2017 when the broad-based crypto market that exists today, was born. Click below if you want to find out more about our product offering.

Equity Investment

Hilbert Group conducts early stage investing in promising blockchain related companies/projects, where the primary objective is to acquire a minority position. The goal of the Equity Investment vertical is to be a significant driver of revenue for the firm over the mid- to long-term (3 – 7 years). Furthermore, the equity investments are aimed to provide a degree of asset class diversification to the digital asset exposure.

Data & Analytics

Hilbert Group is a big consumer and producer of data and analyses across our investment activities. We will offer structured data, research and other analyses in digital asset space across our client segment, from retail- to institutional customers. This service will commence at some stage during Q3 of 2021.

Proprietary Trading

Hilbert Group will manage a long-term strategic portfolio of digital assets, funded by the company’s own capital. The objective is to capitalize on the projected strong growth in the digital asset space over the next 5-10 years, leveraging the knowledge and investment infrastructure on the asset management side. The proprietary trading will commence in Q3 of 2021.