Hilbert Digital Asset Fund

Hilbert Digital Asset Fund is an algorithmically traded Altcoin fund. This means that most of the time, most of the capital in the fund will be allocated to digital assets other than Bitcoin. The objective of the fund is to maximize absolute returns across the cycle – bull market plus bear market. The fund is long-biased and does not utilise leverage. The underlying portfolio consists of a diversified set of assets (30+) in the most liquid/deepest segment of the market. The investment universe of the underlying strategy is reviewed monthly. The fund manager will from time to time hedge the portfolio in a discretionary manner. The hedging is conducted by purchasing options and/or rotating parts of the portfolio into cash/cash-proxies.

Summary of terms

Launch: January 2019

Management Fee: 2% / 1%

Performance Fee: 20% / 30%

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Investor Type: Accredited

Subscription: Monthly

Redemption: Monthly

Notice Period: 2 Months

Lockup: None